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  • Opted : AIIMS Delhi.

    The Deeper exam helped me greatly in knowing my position and also the assessment of my study. The question papers were at par with the NEET Level. Hence it helped me in knowing my weak points on which, I could fous later on. It also helped me in adjusting my pace so that, I could complete my paper on time. Admitted to AIIMS, Delhi.

  • Both the exams were very helpful because they allowed me to give the paper in a proper examination environment. Also it helped me to manage my time because in CET. The time factor is more important and hence in the main CET exam, I could finish both paper I and Paper II 15 minutes before the actual time. The Material provided by Deeper was very helpful and it gave me an a variety of queations. I am very grateful to Deeper and thanks them to get admission in my dream college. Admitted to COEP, Mechanical.

  • Deeper has really helped me to propose myself for MH-CET It's Exam Papers material, revision notes has really helped me. This year since MHT-CET was at a higher difficulty the usual I didn't know where be or how to prepare myself. But the Deeper exams were topmost. Always a level higher from MH-CET could ever be. I thank the whole team at Deeper to guide me and help me.

  • Prakash Jr. College, Kandivali

    Thank you so much for all your efforts in Deeper. It was a very nice experience to give the paper. We got a real experience to write the CET Paper. It really helped me a lot. It helped us to calm our nerves on the day. It is always useful to give a mock cet paper but giving the deeper paper was just great. Thanks a lot for the efforts. Admitted to VJTI - Comp SG.

  • Furgusson College, Pune

    The programme started by DEEPER is admirable in every way. The exams they conduct help build confidence, which is vital to every performance. Best of all they give us a hands on experience of what we thought to expect in the actual CET; the DCT and Kasauti exams, for instance, were completely similar to the CET and stuck to the government-prescribed syllabus and were a timely reality check for me.They helped me to know my level of preparation. They will also be useful for the students preparing for entrance exams. Thank you DEEPER

  • Sangameshwar College, Solapur

    Dear Deeper Family, I would like to convey lot of thanks to you all. It was a great to have a mock test just before your MHT-CET exam. It helped me lot. I could learn Time management from this mock test and subjectwise description and ellaboration for the same. If you guys are an aspirants as I am Please enroll your name in Deeper exams. I remember that I could score 182 in Deeper Kasauti & isured 197 in Final MHT-CET. Its worth of it.

  • Prakash Junior College, Kandivali

    I stood 6th in deeper kasauti which helped me gain lot of confidence but at the same time made me think why not first and then with some hardwork and dedication I had achieved this. State merit rank 1. Deeper played a big role in this success story. Time and stress management are two most important things which i learnt from deeper exam. Thanks to harish sir and the entire team for conducting this mock test.

  • Indian Edu. Society, Bandra, Mumbai

    I want to thank DEEPER for its valuable mock tests, study material and support provided. It has really helped me in cracking the MHT-CET 2016. The mock tests conducted by DEEPER are the perfect precursors for the entrance exams as they have the same pattern and time allotted. The technique of setting the paper is just perfect for giving us the best practice. The trial sets provide immense practice at home also. The multiple tests give us the knack of how to crack the entrance exam. Besides, DEEPER also provides the ranking all over the state which helps us get an idea of where we stand.

  • Sathaye College,Parle(E) Mumbai

    12th standard is an important milestone for every student. I had decided to give priority for CET exams and was preparing for all subjects from beginning with the help of lot of objective tests . However Deeper tests conducted in April gave us a chance to assess ourself for the readiness towards complete portion . It was almost like a prelim for CET . Because it is all maharashtra level - we could judge our performance at a state level. Question practise paper sets from deeper also helped in summarising the subjects. I whole heartedly thank DEEPER for their contribution towards my CET preparation.

  • Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidhyalaya, Latur

    It was very helpful to me especially in the subject of Biology and more over chemistry and physics. Really it was a wake up call when I gave DCT - 14 Exam. I studied hard in two months and then appeared in Kasauti 14. With the Improvement in this exam, I gave MHT-CET 14 Exam with my boosted self confidence due to which I achieved TOP RANK Position in State. Thanks to DEEPER once again. Hope that it will continue its work in the same manner & prosper.

  • Y. C. Science Satara

    Dear Sir, I stood second in Maharashtra in MT-CET & could get the required confidence through DEEPER exam. In DEEPER DCT I stood first in Maharashtra. I never ever thought that I had the potential to do so. Unfortunately, I lost my first rank in final CET by only one mark. But still I am very greatful to DEEPER through which I came to know that I have the ability to top the Merit Lists. So I could appear for the CET very confidently. I could not attend the DEEPER Kasauti as I had to attend JEE Mains computer based exam that very day. But I solved that paper at home and scored 195 marks. I scored 196 in the CET. So it is clear that DEEPER can give an exact idea of students performance beforehand and provides ample time for improvement before final exam. So once again I thank DEEPER Team for providing me a good practice through the offline and online tests, and offcourse, the exam of DCT and Kasauti.

  • Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidhyalaya, Latur

    SML - 1 State Topper The programme started by DEEPER is really admirable. Exams by DEEPER build up confidence which plays a major role for the performance in CET. Exams are very helpful for preparation. DEEPER gave me a real experience about main CET paper. The papers solved in DCT and Kasauti were very much similar with that of CET .They were as per the Syllabus prescribed by govt. They helped me to know my level of preparation. They will also be useful for the students preparing for entrance exams. Thank you DEEPER.

  • J. E. Soc. RGB Arts. BL Comm. & RB Sci. College, Jalna

    SML - 1 State Topper Deeper, in real sense, takes you deeper in understanding CET and the mistakes we can make in attempting it if we don’t practise well. Deeper and its entire process is extremely systematic, just like CET and I feel greatly happy to be a part of it. Deeper DCT, Kasauti, Trial sets and never the less Web paper were all really beneficial. In a very affordable price it gives you great opportunity to prepare ourselves thoroughly and most important know our level in State and increase our efforts accordingly. Its a great confidence booster. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to entire Deeper team, especially to Shri Butle sir, Bafna sir and Soni sir, who always inspired me and made my way to Deeper. They all contributed greatly to my grand success ! Thank you.

  • Ruia College, Mumbai

    दहावीची शालान्त परीक्षा उत्तम गुणांनी उत्तीर्ण झाल्यावर बहुतेक विद्यार्थ्यांना आपण इंजिनिअर किंवा डॉक्टर व्हावे, असे वाटते. हे ध्येय साध्य करण्यासाठी अकरावीच्या प्रवेशाबरोबरच वेध लागतात ते MHT-CET चे. MHT-CET या परीक्षेत मी 199 गुण मिळवू शकलो यात डीपरच्या या उपक्रमाचा महत्त्वाचा वाटा आहे. डीपरने सुरु केलेला हा उपक्रम अतिशय उपयुक्त आहे. डीपर तर्फे घेण्यात येणारी ही परीक्षा CET ची तंतोतंत कल्पना देणारी परीक्षा आहे. मी जानेवारी 2010 मध्ये डीपरची Mock CET दिली होती. त्या परीक्षेमुळे मला माझ्या तयारीचा अंदाज आला. पुढील अभ्यासाचे नियोजन करणे शक्य झाले. त्याचप्रमाणे MHT-CET-10 च्या दहा आणि पाच दिवस आधी त्याचे प्रश्नसंच सोडवल्यामुळे माझा आत्मविश्वास वाढला. डीपरच्या DCT या उपक्रमासाठी सर्व कॉलेजेसनी विद्यार्थ्यांना उत्तेजन द्यावे असे मला वाटते. अत्यल्प शुल्कात विद्यार्थ्यांना अतिशय चांगली सुविधा मिळाली आहे. यापुढे CET परीक्षेस बसणाऱ्या विद्यार्थ्यांना या उपक्रमाचा निश्चितच लाभ होईल असे वाटते. डीपरचा उपक्रम Mock CET TEST घेण्यापुरताच मर्यादित नसून CET विषयीचे विद्यार्थ्यांच्या हिताचे निर्णय घेण्यास त्यांनी शासनाला वेळोवेळी सहकार्य केले आहे. CET हा आयुष्यातील महत्त्वाचा टप्पा असल्याने पालक या परीक्षेबाबत जागरुक असतात. माझ्या पालकांनी मला ही परीक्षा देण्यास उत्तेजन दिले. म्हणूनच विद्यार्थ्यांनी डीपरच्या उपक्रमाचा लाभ घ्यावा. असे मला मनापासून वाटते. शेवटी इतकेच म्हणावेसे वाटते. Thank you DEEPER!

  • Birla College, Kalyan

    Thanks to entire team of Deeper. Without Deeper I could have not score such good (199) marks in MHT-CET exam.I remember my respected sir Mr. Kasat sir, who introduced me to exam called Deeper DCT 2009 which was held on 11th Jan. I wrote Deeper DCT exam in my college itself. It was really a good experience because everything was upto the levels on actual CET exam difficult level and all the formalities which are to be done like filling identification details and all that to at right time 5 minuts before the exam. So was the pattern in Deeper DCT exam itself. After Deeper DCT results were out it was time for me tocelebrate. Because I had come second in the state and as you all know I have second rank in actual MHT-CET exam also.Afterwards I have solved two sets of mock tests 10 days before and 5 days before actual CET exam. They also proved helpful. Day before MHT-CET exam Butle sir rang me up and wished me luck that actually increased my confidence a lot. He told me that he is expecting very good marks form me and I think I stood upto the levels of his expectations. Thanks !

  • Yashvantrao Chavan Science College, Satara

    2008 पासूनच वास्तव वाचा... का आणि कसं मिळते यश डीपरची परीक्षा दिल्यानंतर? पहिल्यांदा Deeper च्या सगळ्या टीम मेंबर्सचे मी आभार मानतो. एवढ्या मोठ्या प्लॅटफॉर्मची ते आम्हाला संधी देतात, पुढेही देतील त्यासाठी मी त्यांचे खूप आभार मानतो. DCT मधे जो अनुभव मिळतो त्याची आपण किंमत करू शकत नाही असे मी मानतो. Exam fobia जो आहे तो काढण्याचे काम Deeper करत आहे, हे अतिशय चांगले आहे. आपल्या बोर्डाच्या परीक्षेमधे कायम effort success आहे तसं CET च्या exam मधे नाही. 3 तासात तुम्ही कसं perform करताय, तुमची mental ability कशी ठेवताय याच्यावर तुमचे success अवलंबून आहे. Exam fobia कमी होण्यासाठी जे हवंय ते Deeper ने आम्हाला provide केलं. मला सांगायला अतिशय आनंद होतो की, साताऱ्यातले आम्ही पाच जण होतो. एकाच बेंचवर बसणारे पाचजण, Deeper च्या पन्नास मधे होतो आणि PCM Toppers मधे देखील Deeper चे आम्ही Toppers आहोत. आम्हाला कधी वाटलं नव्हतं, की आम्ही महाराष्ट्र लेव्हलला अमूक करतोय. कारण जानेवारी Reality check आहे CET preparation hardly about 80% झालेल असतं. आणि त्यावेळेला आम्हाला काय ठाऊक आम्ही महाराष्ट्र लेव्हलला कुठेपर्यंत जाऊ शकतो? जेव्हा DCT चे Result आले, तेव्हा आम्हाला इतका आनंद झाला, आनंदापेक्षा Confidence आला. Only one word - self confidence! Top 10 मधे आम्ही जाऊ शकतो याची आम्हाला कल्पना नव्हती. तर हा जो confidence आहे, जानेवारीतल्या stage ला अख्ख्या महाराष्ट्रात तुम्ही कुठे उभे राहता? तुमचं preparation कुठंपर्यंत झालेले आहे ? त्यावेळी पुढे वाटचाल करायला अतिशय चांगला confidence येतो. रवि जिद्दी होता. त्याला कळलं की तो comparision मधे कमी पडला, त्याला तेव्हा पासून जाणीव झाली की त्याने अजून प्रयत्न करायला पाहिजे. म्हणजे जे वर आहेत त्यांचा confidence बळावतो पण जे खाली आहेत त्यांना improve करायची सकारात्मक जाणीव होते. आणि Deeper ने हे सगळ आम्हाला दिलेलं आहे. दुसरी गोष्ट म्हणजे MHT-CET च्या बऱ्याच question paper publications बाजारात आहेत, प्रत्येकजण आपापले डोकं लावून काहीतरी वेगळ करतो. पण मुळात परीक्षेला गेल्यानंतर वेगळंच काहीतरी सापडतं. जे आपण आधी केलेल असतं ते तिथं नसतं. There is no correction on Roll No. कुठे लिहायचा, Question Booklet कधी मिळत या गोष्टी Deeper मुळे आम्हाला कळल्या. यामुळे सुरुवातीला बरीच मुलं बावचळतात. कारण असा प्रकार कुठे पाहिलेला नसतो. Tension असतं. रोल नं कुठे लिहायचा ? question booklet कधी मिळणार? कसं आपण workout करायचं,हे सगळं starting च्या आधी आम्ही अनुभवले होते. याबाबतीत Deeper चे आम्ही आभार मानतो. Thanks हे शब्द फार लहान आहेत. त्यांच्या या कामाची आपण तुलना करू शकत नाही. Maharashtra level वर एवढा मोठा platform आम्हाला मिळतो, जी competition आपण face करतो हे अगदी अमूल्य आहे असं मी म्हणेन. Thank you!

  • Pemraj Sarda College

    Deeper gave me an experience about how CET exams, CET exam-atmosphere will be. For the betterment of juniors, I wish deeper like exams should be encouraged. It certainly reduces 'exam-fever' and 'exam-probia' and accelerate our preparations for actual CET. Thank You Deeper.

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