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DEEPER- Real Mock Test for CET/NEET/JEE ?

DEEPER is the brainchild of Harish Butle, a noted teacher and concerned educationist who believes each deserving student must be given an equal chance to compete.

Harish Butle
Founder and Brain behind the social concepts

  • Founder secretary DEEPER
  • Founder President SIR FOUNDATION
  • Editor- Tumhi-Aamhi Paalak magazine
  • Founder President – Mahaparents
  • Founder & CEO : Saad Manuskichi Foundation
  • Founder President : Mahaexam,
  • Founder and Concetuliser : Mahapalak Sanman

Even as Harish Butle aims to take both DEEPER and SIR Foundation from strength to strength, the edifice of his work is based on his two decade long stint as teacher and educational counselor. Both these roles equip him to truly grasp the student’s concerns, hopes and aspirations. He is also the Founder-President of the previously mentioned Mahaparents, the pressure group formed by parents, against malpractices in the educational field.

Prior to starting DEEPER and SIR Foundation, he successfully ran the hugely popular Shraddha Classes between 1992-2004 for Coaching students of Std VIII-XII and CET. Shraddha was a pioneering brand in the field of coaching classes franchisees, with 42 centres successfully running across the state, sans any of the controversies that usually surround coaching classes. Similarly, the Shraddha Publications Pvt. Ltd is a separate and distinct entity dedicated to educational publications.

Mr Butle believes that fair, Excellent and reasonable quality education is each student’s birth right. He is a student’s of Pune’s premier College of Engineering (COEP) He is ably supported in his mission by his wife and invaluable life partner - Dr Rohini Butle