3 times consecutive State Topper 2017, 2018, 2019 Hat Trick

NEET Toppers

Abhay Chillarge

Govt. Marks 705/720


Abhay Chillarge
46th in India
4th in Maharashtra
Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur
(4th in Deeper 696/720)

DCT - DEEPER Marks - 641/720, Deeper Rank 3, Deeper Roll No - 3022144
KASAUTI - DEEPER Marks - 696/720, Rank - 4, Deeper Roll No - D130249

Atharav Deo

Govt. Marks 700/720


Atharav Deo
73 in India
Adv. Ram Sharma College, Pune

DCT - DEEPER Marks - 677/720, Deeper Rank - 30, Deeper Roll No - 722048
MIRROR - DEEPER Marks - 641/720, Deeper Rank - 23, Deeper Roll No - 2288035
KASAUTI -DEEPER Marks - 676/720, Deeper Rank - 19, Deeper Roll No - D125709

Rahul Kothari

Govt. Marks 700/720

Bandra, Mumbai

Rahul Kothari
92 in India 6/7 in state
IES College Bandra , Mumbai
( 2nd in Deeper 705 )

MIRROR - DEEPER Marks -685/720, Deeper Rank - 1, Deeper Roll No - 0588022
KASAUTI - DEEPER Marks - 705/720, Deeper Rank - 2, Deeper Roll No - D127546

Jayantra Shah

Govt. Marks 700/720

Kandivali, Mumbai

Jayatra Shah 110 in India 9/10 in state
Prakash College, Kandivali, Mumbai
( 22nd in Deeper 672/ 720)

DCT - DEEPER Marks - 589/720, Deeper Rank - 23, Deeper Roll No - 0222128
MIRROR - DEEPER Marks - 634/720, Deeper Rank - 30, Deeper Roll No - 0588045
KASAUTI - DEEPER Marks - 672/720, Deeper Rank - 22, Deeper Roll No - D129202

Sarthak Bhat

Score 695/720

SML - 1 Nashik

Myself Sarthak Raghawendra Bhat
I secured AIR - 6 in NEET-UG 2019 and Maharashtra rank -1
I gave the DEEPER - Kasauti and DCT Mock tests this year. They were really helpful as their pattern was quite similar to the actual NEET Exam. The exams similar actual exam. situations and helped me core up with exam stress and fear. It have me an idea about where I stand at the state level as a lot of students from all over. Maharashtra appeared for the list. Also the marks that I scored in DEEPER gave me an estimate of the marks that I scored in the actual exam I would suggest all the Neet aspirants to attempts the DEEPER Mock Tests.


Krishna Agarwal

Score 685/720


The Deeper exam helped me greatly in knowing my position and also the assessment of my study. The question papers were at par with the NEET Level. Hence it helped me in knowing my weak points on which I could fous later on. It also helped me in adjusting my pace so that II could complete my paper on time. Admitted to AIIMS, Delhi.
-Regards, Krishna


Rucha Herlekar

Score 680/720


Miss. Richa Herlekar
We didn’t believe we could crack the National Level exam but slowly I got confidence because of my teacher, my coaching class, college and finally Deeper's Mock Tests. Nothing is actually impossible! For National Level Exam When you prepare, there are two stages. The first stage is to understand the syllabus, clear the fundamental, and the second most important stage is to practice, practice and practice. Because there is no use in understanding the syllabus, the most important thing is to reproduce what you have understood in three hours in such a highly competitive atmosphere. That's where Deeper's Mock Text came in Picture.
This Mock-Test took care of 2-3 small things. I want to tell you that. The specialty of DEEPER is to get the paper by ringing the bell, break the seal, then fill in all the formalities of the Answer Sheet, give the paper from here and go to the center in a different atmosphere and give the paper. DCT and Kasauti were two exams attempted by me. I found it very helpful to know how to maintain your mental state before Actual Day. Deeper's Merit List precedes the State Level Merit List. So that I came to know where I stand?
What else do I need to do to move forward? There is a clear Picture. So I thank Harish Sir and Deeper. Because without them I would not have been able to do this. I would like to emphasize that this is the only quality mock test I have given. Thanks!
-Richa Herlekar, Pune


Sairaj Mane

Score 686/720

SML-2 Sangali

NEET is the exam which tests you to your absolute limits, these competitive tests check students accuracy with precision. I world like to thank deeper for conducting trial exams for such big competitive exams which help students to acess conducted in the same manner as NEET. which help students to get attached to exam environment and also the level of deeper exams is per with the level of NEET exam

Siddhant Date

Score 685/720

SML-2 Pune

I am expressing my thoughts on the success of Siddhant Yashwant Date
Deeper Mock Test in NEET-2019 exam. I got 685 marks out of 720 in NEET.
In my Pune District, it is ranked 3rd in the State and 50th in India.
Deeper Mock Test has been instrumental in achieving all these successes.

NEET is a National Level Exam with 720 marks in three hours. For this, a DEEPER Mock Test is conducted by creating an environment for the final examination. The experience I got due to this neat-like environment of DEEPER helped me to be stress free on the day of the exam and I was able to solve the paper perfectly in three hours.

This Mock Test is conducted in full state. It also helps you to know how well you are preparing for the exams compared to other students in the state.
- Siddhanta Yashwant Date